Wednesday, November 6, 2013

sgtkConfigReplicator - Cluster Open Source

Here at Cluster Studio we have many projects running in parallel, and some times we need a patch in the Tank config for all of them, so we build this app to simplify the process of replicate configs between projects.

The app get a list of projects where you select origin and target projects, then specify what config folders will be synchronized.

You have a config file, where you configure different jobs (folders) that will be replicated from one project to the others.

 - jobs_config.yml

  The configs are based on the PyYAML syntax.
  Each job has the following structure:
 path: /tank/config/core/
 - 'hooks'
 - 'install_location.yml'
 - 'pipeline_configuration.yml'
 - 'roots.yml'

The app have three modules:


  This one finds all the projects from and to where you want to synchronize configs. If you need your custom behavior, edit this file.

  This module manage the folder replication for each job, in
  our case select rsync, but configure it as you need.

  This module gets the job and project paths and based on a type that can be "origin" or target", builds a valid path to be used in the replicate job.
  Also, this module use the origin and target projects paths specified in the jobs_config.yml

You cant fork it from Github!!

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