Friday, November 1, 2013

Here we go

This is Cluster Studio's Left side of the Brain Blog, i.e. here you will find some of the technical stuff and geek wizardry that happen behind the pixels in order to support and make possible all the great CG animation and VFX that our very talented artists create.

My name is Armando Ricalde, better known as Doc. I'm co-founder of Cluster Studio and currently I work as Director of Technology. In the past I've worked several years as a 3D artist and compositor, specializing in particles, simulations, shading and vfx due to my physics background, today I provide vision and leadership in the development, integration and operation of everything related to technology in the studio, besides being the Pipeline's Architect. I work closely with project managers, artists, developers and engineers to create and maintain the technology roadmap of Cluster. I stablish and promote methods for sharing knowledge, tools and pipeline processes between team members in the studio.

Statement: Although we are founded on top of commercial software, we love FOSS, and we proudly use it and promote as much as we can.
In terms of OS we prefer Penguins rather than Fruits, and Fruits rather than the other one. But due to software compatibility and artist's preferences we have them all in the studio and we have to support them.

We hope to inspire you, and maybe to help you as much as we've found help in other places, or at least to entertain you.